The scariest night ever

Halloween used to be fun. That was until I found out what actually happens on Halloween in our neighbourhood. It all started two years ago…….

I was happily trick or treating with my cousins. We were walking around the neighbourhood when we saw something weird. The house that was for sale had been sold. The people who had bought it were moving in. They had a newborn baby with them. I suddenly remembered the story that everyone around the neighbourhood knew.

There once was a new family that moved into that house. The dad had made that house before they moved in. The dad was part of the army though. As soon as they moved into the house he was told he had to go and fight in World War One. Unfortunately he was one of the many that didn’t make it back. The mother was so sad about the dad dying that she jumped off the highest balcony in her house. The next day when the police were walking past they noticed a lady lying dead on the front lawn and a child crying in the house. The policeman walked into the house and found a newborn baby crying. He decided he would take the baby back to his office and see if the dad was still alive. He wasted a whole day trying to figure out who the dad was. At the end of the day he went back to the house and saw a picture of the dad. He then recognised him. The policemen was taking all the soldiers to the boat. He then realised that the dad had died. The policeman then decided that he should take care of the little girl and he also promised himself that he would never tell the girl about the tragic end that her parents had. When he got home he told his wife about what happened and they raised the girl up in the best possible way. His wife insisted that if they were to keep her she would have to be called Florence.

 I walked up and introduced myself. She introduced herself and her family. Her name was Florence, her husband was Michael and her daughter’s name was Opal. I asked her about her parents, having a little hunch. She said her dad was a policemen and her mum was a house mum.

We walked back to my house. As we were walking back I explained how I thought that Opal was the same Opal whose dad went to war and whose mum jumped off the balcony. We then remembered the rest of the story.

One year later the ghost of the dad came back to see his family. Unfortunately no one was in there. He found out what had happened and vowed that if any family just like his came to the house he would make sure they would never ever be happy. The ghost of the mum however came back a little sooner to discover that her daughter was gone. She then vowed that she would get revenge on who ever came in to the house. She hid herself in her daughter’s favourite blog.

It turns out how my hunch was correct and that she was the daughter of Denis Maxwell and Patricia Maxwell. We ran back to tell her that she was crazy and that she was going into a haunted house and that she will die. she said we were crazy and that if we ever come near her house again she will file a complaint against us. We said ok, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

It was a week before it happened. We heard wailing and screaming from the house. We knew we weren’t allowed to, but we ran over the house curios of what was happening. When we got there we saw that the door was open and that the mum was staring wide eyed and open mouthed at the scene unravelling. The dad was floating up in the air getting all of the life sucked out of him. We then heard a loud voice booming “If I can’t live a happy life neither should you!”. I yelled, “It’s the ghost of Denis Maxwell, I’m out of here.” I ran out and all the way to my house, with my cousin following closely.

It was three more days until it happened again. We were walking around the neighbourhood to the park when we saw the mum outside with a knife in her. It was only minutes later when we saw the doll next to her. We called the police and they came over. When the police finally came over he went investigating in the house. He then found a little boy under the sheets in the nursery. Mat came over and asked if the dad was still alive. We replied, “No, he died last week.” He then took the baby girl home with him. It was thirty years later when it happened again.  I should know I as there, again.




State hockey team

Last term I participated in a hockey state team in Perth. I traveled over there with my team. I had a great time and over all our team won one game and drew one game. We amazingly didn’t come last but instead came 2nd to last. It was an enjoyable week and I am very fortunate I was able to do it.

About me 2

I am a fun loving student who loves to play Hockey, Softball, Soccer, Volleyball, Surf life Saving (Nippers) and Athletics. I am sporty yet smart. I like to think that I am talented at sport. I am dog person, but I love all animals. When I am older I would like to become a Hockeyroo and when I retire I would like to go to the England countryside. I would like to go to Oxford University. My four role models are My mum, my dad, Jane Claxten and Georgie Parker. In hockey my two favourite positions are Centre Midfield and Sweeper.

The girl in the forest

Via the literacy shed

Via the literacy shed

I saw her and then she was gone. I heard her whispering for me to follow. It only took me a few seconds for me to decide. I wasn’t going to let her down. I followed her deeper and deeper into the woods. Suddenly, it was dark, I was extremely scared. I stopped straight away, unsure of where to go and what to do. I felt something soft and warm touch my arm. I heard her voice again. It was captivating. She told me it would be ok, I just had to keep walking. At that moment, she let go of my arm. I followed her, stumbling over rocks and sticks, until we came to a clearing. Finally I could see her in all her beauty.

Trapped in Bali

Dear diary,

Today was like an adventure. I took a quiz on the computer and it said that I was too cool for school and that I was just plain awesome. Well, a couple of hours after this quiz I got an email saying that the quiz was a lie and I will never be awesome and I will always be weird and nerdy. Who would like that? I then heard a big BANG that terrified me. I went to go and investigate. When I did, I saw a note saying that I need to go to Bali to become awesome again. So I hopped on the next available flight and went there. When I was there I saw seven scary salesmen striding down the street. I ran down the street. As I was doing this I accidentally bumped into a big scary guy. He got a bit angry and told me to watch where I was going. I said sorry and sprinted down the road. I found a lovely lady who welcomed me into her home. I told the lady about what was happening and she told me it was a joke. What did those salesmen want? What is happening?

SAPSASA hockey day 4

Today was excellent. We won both of our games. Our first game was against Gawler & Districts. We won 4-0. We really enjoyed this game. I shot two of the four goals. Anne-Marie and Caitlyn both shot one goal each. We played our hardest and really connected as a team. Our second game was against Airport. The final score was 1-0. I shot the goal. We all played really hard and worked together. I can’t wait for our last game tomorrow.

SAPSASA hockey day 5

Today was our last day of hockey. We were all really excited, but sad that we weren’t going to see some of them again. I have really enjoyed the week and have met some really nice people. We played our last game against Adelaide South East. We lost 5-0 but enjoyed every moment. They were a good team and they had 3 state players. I think we all tried hard and left a footprint at the end of the game. At the end we shared lollies and exchanged email addresses. I am looking forward to next year and hope I meet some new people. I recommend this to anyone who loves meeting new people and playing hockey.